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Scritti Politti - Cupid and Psyche 85 (1985)


Review : I think it was Tiff Wyford who once sang "Where were you in '85, when the dam began to burst". Well this reviewer was tripping with the Scritti's and much enjoying their wonderful brand on Scandinavian Pomp, fused with DX-7 madness.
Hailing from Belgium, Sven Garthside fashioned this collection of material and pushed it out under the Scrit Pol banner. The name for the band was said to be inspired by an unknown midfield maestro purchased by Antwerp FC that season. A fact Garthside has never confirmed (he being a seasoned Bruges follower).
It's all here, "I Ching", "Chorus CE-2", and of course the International top ten hit "Diana Ross Wasp".
It was all over so quickly, world domination beckoned and indeed flirted with the Scritti's, but a year of intense staring between the various sequence programmers employed, saw the end to that..Lars Byte, Til Dhaken and Zero Parsons, all entered the arena and promptly left, such was the intensity of the situation.
We are still left with what could've have been. C&P85 (as we like to know it), is a testament far greater than John 3:18.
Standout Tracks : "Roland Perfect", "Yamaha Schmamaha,
Standout Moments : 1:12.0007 into "Diana Ross Wasp (Version)" the sequencer drops a millisecond....classic improv.
Standout Lyric : "Your still HP7, whilst I'm AA"
Try This : "Calibration for Atomic Clocks" - Rugby Time Signal, "Test CD #4" - BBC Engineering, "Pi to one million Places" - Martin Jarvis
Rating : ****/bpm

Mark Tallon

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