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Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)


Review : You either love Alaskan Trio Rush or loath them. Hot on the heels of their 1980 smash "Back In Black" (a local Yellowknifian term for the long winter nights North of 66Degs) our Pompostuous Trio etched this masterpiece and marked their first 7 track recording for 8 years. Sole illegitimate rejected child being "Pentax 30-150mm Zoom", weighing in at a lengthy 28 William Carve writes
"...I tried to get them to cut the length down of "Pent 30/150" just so we could get it on at least one side of the album, but the band insisted on making all this modern music with integrity. I remember being amazed when I bought a couple of Zen's 'Mantovani Crisis' which was over two hours I drafted the services of the engineer for that album...Val Flex and the rest is history".

Despite the band unity on track duration, there were always reports of friction in the studio and nowhere is this more evident on the instrumental "CDG" a homage to those crazy baggage handlers at Charles de Gaulle aeroport, supplemental engineer Ray Perfection wrote
" times the band would only agree to play via satellite link. With a 2 second delay, trying to get the guitar synched with some of those tricky time signature changes was a nightmare...some interesting results ensued"

and you thought those complex choppy guitar rhythms were by design. How we miss the sound of that 335 sadly crushed by a Hippo in Rio.

MP is a landmark, the Musical Tah Mahal of the 80's, the Sonic Cleopatra's Needle of 1981. My Fender Jazz Snare Drum never quite looked the same again.
Standout Tracks : "Scanner Boy TWAIN", "Air Passage", "Flatliners"
Standout Moments : 17:13 into "Pentax 30-150mm" the recordings of a Devon Village can be heard in the distance, including a newsagent selling the 'Barnstable Bugle"...
Standout Lyric : "Innocent Bystanders? Sit Down and offend me"
Artwork : An alarming lack of English folk group Pentangle
Try This : "Tales of Geographical Disorder" - Maybe Quart, "9 to 42" - Gauge, "Headless Fenders" - Mike and the Decaffs 
Rating : 9/8 or maybe 5/4 possibly 11/8

Mark Tallon

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