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Pork Field- Convex Side of the Spoon (1973)


Review : Often touted as one of the greatest rock bands of all time Pork Field have released a truly great collection of discs. From the seminal "Set the controls to max" to Ummm-and-ers' fantastic "A group of spaced out sitting in a cave being pretentious" they leave no pat uncovered. Now, "Convex side of the spoon" reveals their darker side. The relentless "bleep"of digital watches on "Timex" kicks into a spacey drumming session letting Jan Gilmour pound the Pearls, boot the bass and rock out. Thought provoking lyrics these may be, but remember - we're in the 70's here - so it's kaftans and teaching the world a thing or two about coke; brown juice or South America's biggest export, well I'm not sure but the following track throws some light on it. Starting with an orgasmic howl this pseudo-scat cum rock goddess leaches forth the most gorgeous throaty vocals since, well never. It is unique. This collection is well worth the "Money" - so they say. This is right on the money, deftly introducing post-90s consumptive soccer excess with Big Issues; they never fail to include their hairy chested penchant fro Lamborghini Miuras and Caribbean hideaways. So some have it and some don't. Cuts like this will keep the cash coming well into the next thirty years. Dodger Waters hitch hikes his way as ever through the standard route 66 bass lines - well frequented but often ruined by lower rhythm wreckers - and deftly stops at the best "fill-ups" along the way. Reg Wright regulates the Wurlitzer with wizardry - whirls of wonderment! One recalls the rising out of the stage at Grabblehurst '71 Dawn of Freedom concert - when he kicks in to "Breathe harder!" The vocals of Jed Mason lift the show to unheard of heights. Convincing the engineer to croon "here today, new job in accounting tomorrow" really underscores this bands obsession with the filthy lucre. "...side of the spoon" - one to watch your face in, and grin.
Standout Tracks : "Us and it", "Cloud Concert", "Perch fishing pirouette"
Standout Moments : 7:48 into "Money" the lyric "I'm sorted, you're skint - get a job you lazy vagrant"
Standout Lyric : "All in all, we're just supporting the wall"
Try This : "Sidney Barraclough" - Freak from kent, "Kimonophobe" - Live at the Budokan, "SpOt of Bother" - The Leopards, "We don't change" - The Leopards, "Sleep in trees" - The Leopards, "Balmy Safari Suicide Mission", The Leopards (WOW! I just love the Leps)
Rating : * for consistency.
Artwork : the cover by Hipnotist is , well, dull. Replace with your own,pleeeeease!

David Knebworth

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