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Nirvana - Nevermind (1991)


Review : 1991 was a strange year. The last palandromic year of the 20th Century (it would be a full 11 years before that would happen again) and the QE2 Bridge in Dartford, England was opened. Arriving from the shores of the US came Gunge Rock. Nirvana were probably the finest exponents of this new genre of caffine injected trash. And what a wealth of material can be found inside the jewel case of this little classic.

"Lithium", urban legend suggests, was sparked by Kurt Colbalts fascination with a Spear Games #3 Chemistry set he received from his partner Courtney Act that Christmas and is surely the finest song written about a Group 1 Alkali Metal since Monks "K for Potassium....39 or 40 sir?". Standout track is surely "Smells Like Ben Ferret", Ben was a local vagrant with whom Kurt had become obsessed during the recording of this work....bassist Alan Anon writes

" was a strange time, Kurt forced me to play bass in a small Patisarie across the road from the recording fact on 'Natural Silence" you can hear the distant clink of teaspoons. He [Kurt] would then ask Ben to pour meths into the mixing desk....but we settled for the now famous transistor radio cameo.."

producer Stig Bennet said in his 1997 "Twiddle" interview
"...Bens interference become almost unworkable, although I will be forever grateful for the Turrets Syndrome outburst he provided on 'Quirk'"

So there you have it, rarely imitated and often Bettered..."Nevermind" is an essential release.


Standout Tracks : "Pom Pom", "Fazed" and "Laughing Gnome"
Standout Moments : 2:44 into "Syringe" a local station (KJAX-101.1) playing Propogada's "Duel" can be heard before the radio is dropped into a vat of Château Neuf de Pape, before 11 minutes of silence ensues.
Try This : ""We're Back" - Tank, "The Seattle Coffee House Tapes" - Pearl Necklace, "Running Down A Team" - Tom Petty
Rating : Always  *****

Mark Tallon

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