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Nirvana - Nevermind (1991)


Review : Nevermind? More like -Sit up, take note, we've arrived. 

The oft over hyped CD is common however these unwashed denim n chip wrapper rockers have taken the bull by the horns and delivered a true Samson-with-long hair anthemic box of tunes. Karl Cocaine delivers dual 5* performances on vocoder and g'tar. The tubs are truly thumped into oblivion by Dave Growl. The other two, in a true U2 fashion, stay safely ensconced in the child-like rock seat well strapped to the rear bench of this Rock Chevrolet. So what is it really like? Well if you remember the old days of Soft Cell and Duran Duran you'll be in for a shock. This is Adam and the Ants meets Slade. Ten times over. This is unwashed denim music at its most un-Persilable grimiest. These stains just wont come out. Maximum decibels required throughout. "Sounds like Team Sport" is an anthem to bolster testosterone fuelled field sport. "Territorial Hissings" defines serpentine supremacy with a wall of six-stringed mayhem that covers the whole hectare. "in Bloomers" defies description. "Come in Fancy Dress" is a tongue in cheek look at the alternative frat party lifestyle - but with attitude. "In a plane" is a fantastic partnership with the Gary Numan, the Canadian aviator that gave the world "Friendly Cars? Glass or Electric, you decide friend" - these guys are gonna be touring for many a year and with the energy value in these grooves we hope they don't blow their brains out doing it.


Standout Tracks : Territorial Hissings, In Bloomers, Dolly, Something in the fridge.
Standout Moments : 8:03 "lithium" when the cellist's chair grinds across the Abbey Road floor.
Top Lyric : "I like eating my pets with Pepsi yaaay!
Try This : "The Slitwrist Tapes" - Leonard Bowen, "Noose" - Su Long Wega and "The Incidental Music of Agatha Cristie" - The Stratford Philharmonic
Rating : Ungrudgingly *****

David Knebworth

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