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Genesis - Seconds Out (1977)


Review : Genesis fans fall into two camps, Peter Green or Lindsey Buckingham. Fro those of you sitting on the fence, this 1976 release is an adequate compromise of Green's artist imagery and Buckingham's direct Pop focused Pomp. Recorded shortly in Madison Square Garden, after Peter's leaving due to artistic differences (his proposed Mime and characterisation of the demo version of "Turn It On Again" dressed as a gas oven...never went down well with the rest of the band), this release sees Genesis in fine halcyonic form.
A legion of musicians are drafted in to recreate THAT Genesis studio sound including former "Staircasement" drummer Zhi Chartz and "Giraffe" guitarist Len "Top E" Jackson.
All the popular tracks are here "Forkx", "GBH" and of course the epic "Tea Up!". The latter being inspired by a hallucinogenic experience of Green's after a particularly bad case of food poisoning from a local Italian Restaurant (he thinks it was the Gnocchi). Sad is the omission of "Grendle" though.


Standout Tracks : "Charterhouse Erupt", "Like It! I Know It!", "9/8 Carp"
Standout Moments : 27:48 into "Tea Up!" the first lyric is uttered
Standout Lyric : "Woodrow Wilson, come here and say that"
Try This : "River Styx" - Dead Men Trawling, "Polyphonic" - Keyboard Drone, "Oscillator Ocelot" - The Grime Squad
Rating : *** and a small elfin hat.

Mark Tallon

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