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Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks (1975)


Review : I think it was Svleek Spoon who once said "Show me a home where the harmonica blows and I'll show you a copy of Blood on the Tracks in the record collection". How can one describe a legend? Some would argue in a large parchment book with illuminated script, whilst others may suggest a 6 part documentary series on the Discovery Channel. Personally I would go for the 6 page Sunday Supplement article, that explores the 'hidden angle'.
This recording marks Dylan's 'Gingham" period. Grossly upset that a character in the new BBC Children's programme 'Spiral Time' was named after him and that mediocre Brit Tennis player Sante LeChaff changed his name to Sante "Dylan" LeChaff by deed poll, our Mr Webb decided that he would wear a huge Gingham sack and chant the album from a seat in row 17 at each venue. Musicians were not invited. "Dylan Goes Checked Fabric Acapulco", screamed the headlines. Some fans have never returned to his vast back-catalogue since that fateful day.
But what was it like in the studio? Producer Armando Clutch wrote in his 1977 "Soup" interview
"It was hell in there. Plaid, Gingham, Tartan. Every single, conceivable woven style of textile was brought in to inspire the mood for each track. At one point we had the whole of the Boston Fire Department looking for a particular style of native American patch work........."
and kazoo technician Twyk Payroll was quoted only last week on his website "Virtuoso Kazoo for the Professional "
"Dylan is a god. I still have the Gold Plated 'Vibra' he gave me after the recording of BotT. Occasionally I get it sent out from the secure bank deposit box and give it a cheeky whizz. That will be my pension. They don't call him 'Slowlips' for nothing you know".
BotT is a Cotton-clad classic. Limited edition vinyl wrapped in sackcloth have known to fetch five figures at auction. 
Standout Tracks : "Hitch-a-dirge Travelling Man", "Corporate Melon Squeezer", "DADADA Tuning Blues"
Standout Moments : Is that a Budgerigar 1:12 into "Blind Bender"? 
Standout Lyric : "I thought she was a Garbage Man, Her mother a Chimpanzee, father was a street artist and Zephyr makes three"
Artwork : Urban Chalky
Try This : "New York Brazier Ritual" - Ziff Montella, "Aeolian Mouthpiece" - Peru St.German, "11-66-22" - The Rockford Files
Rating : Dorothy 5 

Mark Tallon

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