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Sheryl Crow: C'mon C'mon  (2002)


Review : Since leaving Fleetwood Mac, Sheryl Crow (40) has gained much critical acclaim for her fine body of solo work. Crow (43), the Former Cosmopolitan model, first teamed up with producer and close personal friend Arnold Regan, for her first release "Za-Zoom" in 1987, when we were first introduced to her thoughtful intelligent lyrics and use of platform shoes. Although it was most notably the first time Regan and Jeff St.Stich had been in studio together for 47 minutes, that grabbed our curiosity. The famed "Ideal Weapon" reunion was initiated.
This, her 4th Studio release, contains 13 of the finest tuned songs you'll hear this side of Winnie Klipps epic "Texas Homecare Tapes 4.99" and purchases of the Special Edition Swiss release get a further two FM Klassics. "J-Cloth" is already on heavy rotation on a tranny near you and is about to go 'ping' soon. Whereas more soulful and thought provoking material such as "E Loseday" and "Stinking up a Storm" will be in everyone's personal top ten by Lunchtime.
As usual Crow (52), has asked many of her LA chums to guest and it's great to hear Jilly Twillisker (Starsky and Hutch/Whoops Dear) dueting on "Dusty Buttons". Its a shame Lindsey didn't make it, but I guess that is hoping too much. Fine soloing from Crow (61) ensures he is not missed.
"C'mon C'mon" is Sheryl's (88) finest release in years and will playing in an elevator near you almost immediately.


Standout Tracks : "Acoustic Beach", "You Say Mainwaring, I say Mainwaring", "Crotchet Crochet"
Standout Moments : "You left Me, I Miss You, Again and Again and Again"
Standout Lyric : 1:07 into "Apricot Skies", the queue of guest stars stretches to almost 4 miles.
Try This : So yellow it's Green.
Rating : Factor 32

Mark Tallon

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