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David Bowie - Scary Monsters, Super Creeps (1980)


Review : "I simply could not stand back and do nothing..." was Bowie's response to Spandau Ballet's "Buenos Aires". Such was the inspiration of Basildon's finest on our DB, that he ensconced himself in a small studio in Milan and thirty months and later out popped this epic creation.
Surrounded by his favourite musicians and some not-so favourites for "a bit of aggro", ten glorious tracks were laid down and supplemented by four extra cuts on this CD enhanced release. With guitars by Pete Grissini, plus Bass and Drums from the Anderton Twins, it is almost the fifth "Semprini" album that never was. A mistake on the agents booking form saw a rare appearance of Richard O'Sullivan (Robin's Nest, Man About the House) on 12-string, for the anthematic "Diva Dresden Dollhouse". We are only left to wonder what might have been, had Rikard Syllvian actually been booked....we are not disappointed.
But it was the outstanding follow up to "Mars Mutha" that really made the headlines. "Axis Spinners" was number one for 4 weeks and astounded the music world...late DJ Johnny Borealis, wrote in his autobiography ".....revive me I'm 45"
"...I was working for London's Big EL, when David thrust this master tape into my hands demanding I play it on my Sunday show. He explained that the record company wanted him to cut it from 2:17 down to 1:45 to get airplay, but I told him it was wonderful as it was, especially the now famous Baroque passage...the rest was history". Indeed it was, that passage is now immortalised in the 1992 film "Straight to Video".
Pivotal and definitive S.Mon/S.Creeps is the fifth Beatle.
Standout Tracks : "Crawford Drive", "Undergrowth Shui", "Wow and Flutter"
Standout Moments : 3:22 into "Glass Ant", Zak Anderton's Hi-Hat starts the hidden Morse message..."...Gartenhause meine Gartenhause....ich leben gern im meine Gartenhause"
Standout Lyric : "Mars in my head, its almost fun, better not dress, white knuckle on"
Artwork : An alarming lack of English folk group Pentangle
Try This : "Garot, Schalott" - Espanga Lemon, "Marquis du Sad" - The Teardrop Implodes, "CU ON K2" - Sherpa Manifesto
Rating : **i**

Mark Tallon

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