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Black - Wonderful Life (1987)


Review : Shortly after leaving "Men @ Work", Kolin "Black" Twang recorded this fine collection of melancholic tunes inspired by the death of several small family pets in the now famous "Chiswick Incident",
"I simply fell out with the M@W production team and wanted to go in my own direction", Colin was quoted in his 1988 'Outback Platter' interview, "...losing several small Chinchillas's in that manner can do funny things to the creative talents". Indeed, this album deserved far more success than it received. Panned by critics and Critiqued by Gold-panners, who unfairly compared this to the soundtrack of "Hunters Gold", the whole experience left Kolin disillusioned with the rock scene and embark on a twelve year motorcycle tour of the South East Asia basin.
It was the inclusion of "Sun Up! Slit Wrist" in the 1998 Zero Bordello film noir classic "Nouvelle Heute Amigo Here" that started to bring this fine body of work back to the public attention.....and hence this remastered, released epic is with us once more. Who could ever forget the minor Top 12 hit "Fertiliser Commando" and of course the epic hallucinogenic "Four Pints of Lager and a Packet of Strepsils". You can almost see the melted plastic dog.
Luckily for us Mr Twang has resurfaced and can be found in a Municipal Theater near you.....although please don't mention "Chiswick" or Bovil Baguettes....things could get very nasty.

Standout Tracks : "Kidney Memories", "Thump! Thump! Dandelion", "Carbon Monoxide, My Friend"
Standout Moments : 1:01 into "Chiswick Revisted", the gnawing of carrots can be heard.
Standout Lyric : "I can see your house from the top of the Ferris Wheel, how does that make you feel?"
Artwork : Worrying Monochrome
Try This : "The Zero Bordello Master Series" - Unknown Artists, "The Periodic Table" - Open University, "101 uses for Pineapple" - Citrus Marketing Board
Rating : Contrast = 75% Brightness = 55% 

Mark Tallon

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