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Björk : Vespertine  (2001)


Review : Björks 4th proper solo studio outing (if you discount the soundtrack to "Snatch" and the remix album Telecon ) sees the Norwegian waif in subdued mood and a far cry from her top-selling 1992 hit "Losing My Favourite Game", which surely was the video achievement of that year....inspired by "Thelma and Louise" and its claymation effects. Björk of course, is no stranger to film, after winning an Oscar for her performance in "Snatch" and causing a stir when she turned up at the award ceremony dressed as a chicken, emerging from a huge KFC box.
Gone is the angst of her last outing "Hemophilia" and in its place are the soft dulcet strings of the Swedish Philharmonic, accompanied by fellow Finn Sven Torrsen on spoons.
Its such a shame she didn't relive the Big Band sound of her greatest hit "Its very quiet in ere innit" which has always been my favourite of this Dannish songstress.


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Rating : ****

Mark Tallon

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