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Laurie Anderson: Big Science (1982)


Review : "She's barking made" Finnish waif Bjürk was once quoted as saying. For many this is the epitome of how describe Toronto's leading Performance Artist Laurie Anderson. 
After struggling for years on the Ontario Modern Art circuit, Anderson struck on the idea of sound sculptures and aural landscapes. "Big Science" was first premiered in late 1981 as a minor work for the "440Hz" exhibition at the Tonto Museum of Modern Self-Indulgence, but it soon gained popularity amongst 'those in the know'. True genius was in our midst and it wasn't long before "Oui! Soup" the record breaking 14 minute, seven inch, #2 hit, was with us. Special credit must go to the syncopated panting on that track. These were pre-sequencer days, so the services of modern-day synthesis wizard was called for. Enter Brazilian, 1970 World Cup Winning, Right-Back, Alberto Carlos. He writes
"Jairzinho first took control in our half and played the ball wide left out to Rivelino, he then passed to Tostao. I remember Clodoaldo waving me forward on the wide right. I was thinking this was crazy, but the Italians were well beaten by this point. As the ball came to Pele, he dummied and deftly deflected the ball into my path. I hit the ball as hard as I could and it flew through the rarified Mexican air of the Azteca into the bottom left hand corner. It was the greatest moment of my life"
This album never reached the critical acclaim of "Oui! Soup!" and was soon consigned to the bargin bins, but tracks such as "Achtung! Schallplatter Nummer Vier" and "Hockey Puck" are rare gems and should be retrieved from the "4.99 an less" section.


Standout Tracks : "Tromso Trombone", "f(x) = y + 3z", "Pressure Padds"
Standout Moments : 12:17 into "Oui! Soup! a subtly different pant is heard
Standout Lyric : "Check your nearest exit! It may not be nearest one you can see"
Try This : "Serving Suggestion" - Wayne Xerox, "Fixtures at an Exhibition" - Site Services, "1017Mb" - Rain Imminent 
Rating : "4! 4! 4! 4! 4! 4! 4! 4! 4!..........." 

Mark Tallon

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