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Bryan Adams : Into the Fire (1987)


Review : The 1987 follow up to the much praised "Reckless" saw Bryan Adams produce what many think is his most underestimated work. Pictured on the cover on the boating lake at Lakeside Park, Bryan pays homage to his fellow National rock heroes Rush in this non-Hugh-Syme-esque artwork.
With bass and drum aficionados "Maisy" and "Thuds" guesting on several tracks, that custom back-beat, heard on many of the "Spark 404", albums can be exampled..if not indeed "Brinksmatt 201 vs Adams" showed on their 1998 chart topper "'appen".
It may not have spent 16 weeks at #1, but in many peoples eyes, "Out Hearts will always go on" with this opus


Standout Tracks : "19 Again", "Rock like its 1968", "Come to's a great place, nice people, friendly welcome assured"
Standout Moments : 2:01 into "Ice Cream baby Blues" a young Alanis Morrisette can be heard
Try This : "Slipknot....a Tribute" - Joni Lee Mitchell and "Belfast We Love You" - Simpler Minds
Rating : ****

Mark Tallon

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