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The Campaign to Leave Music CDs Open Session


There isn't much we here at are certain about...with the except of 

  • Tori Amos is a goddess
  • Television was far better when Raymond Baxter presented "Tomorrow's World"
  • Most great rock bands/artists are Canadian
  • If Rush weren't Canadian, they would be an exception to the above rule
  • ...are you sure Tori Amos isn't Canadian?
  • ...hang on Celine Dion is
  • ........and your point is?
  • ............true
  • Truly great albums are less than 40 minutes in duration
  • There is simply too much wastage in the world

Raymond Baxter Demonstrating  his superior television presenting skills...not yesterday

This got us thinking......

Since the 1980's CD technology has come a long way. Indeed, it was the great Sir Raymond who introduced the UK public to the wondrous silver disc that was Compact Disc in 1981. Our jaws dropped as he smeared marmalade on the disc and then inserted into the still played. In fact many people now have the facility to create their own CD's in the discomfort of their own homes and many more have gunged up CD players full of marmalade. 

But it was whilst listening to the latest release from Lithuanian Quartet "4 Head VCR" (a monstrously awful release weighing in at 67minutes 17 seconds), it became apparent what a complete waste of digital data storage space this (and many other) Music CDs  really are  and wouldn't it be great if we could utilise the spare capacity on the CD for own own use. Unfortunately, the music industry does not leave the CDs "Open Session", meaning no more data can be added in the discomfort of our own homes. By our calculations there is a approx 8.75MBytes of data that can grabbed for every spare minute on the CD.........or in Lithuania's Finest case

Artist 4 Head VCR
Title Talin or Rewind
Duration 67 minutes 17 seconds
Spare Duration Based on 80 min CD 12 minutes 43 seconds
Estimated Spare Capacity 111MB

Every year sheer Terabytes of potential storage space are wasted, that could be brought back, or at least made available to the PC owning, CD listening public

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