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Ancient Bemuddlement 

Our team of archeologists worked around the clock for this one. Here are some releases Bemuddlement simply couldn't obtain......

A rare edition of Binocular Straps - "Big Smile It's Photo Time", one of the few releases Bemuddlement managed to get their hands on.


Artist Title
Metal In The Fjörds Kompilation
Onion 54 Cuttlefish Attack 2
Binocular Strap  Big Smile It's Phototime
Dixon Trumpeter Corp Me & My Red Jodhpurs
Hush Silence is Vinyl
Denim, The Band That Has To Try FOUR, 4, FORE, FOR
Old Mikefield Tubular Respiration
Quagmyre The Prunes Album (or The Four Stones)
Grand Swimmer Try It Sitting Up
Shagpile Manacle
Football Management Pt2 Crowd Control 3
Treble Loss Sounds Muffled
Dead Noddies "Are You Made of Wood"
Felixstow Telephone Exchange For My Car
4 Poster, 1 Up, 2 Down Bill Stickers is Homeless
Lamb Sandwich Mint Sauce EP
Hairdressing (Hair Addressing) The Final Kut
Mercur the Wingless mess Speed Doesn't Count
Boost Ear Technique
Trouble Dop Powersurge
Sauna Salads Hot and Filling
Life & Death + Afterword = Existence Koncept
Press Stud Photographers Unwelcome
Moosey Brookes Canuck On The Hill
Almost Dry 100 Yards For Sure
Elfin Tripe Small Matters
Radio Luxemburke AM Beats FM
Jack Plug and the Exciters Turn It On Again
Eskimos Do It Frozen Solid Igloo Rock
You Bought Us On Impulse Compilation
Swish Record Producers Minority Arrangement
Tight Ship I Run A