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Bemuddlement proudly presents "The Henry McGee Connection" Who is Helmut Wirklichnahmen?...Find out more about the man behind the myth, plus the collected Teutonic ramblings of this much misunderstood genius ...click here


Share the collective knowledge of the Bemuddlement Office as we share those handy little travel tips for the weary traveler ...click here


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Can't afford to get on the property ladder? Looking for that elusive second home? Attractive Quality Properties at BM Estates What's cooking in the Bemuddlement kitchen?...hmmm smells good....the Bemuddlement Chefs have been slaving....click here


A small collection of reviewers, who really should know better, inflict their opinions on the world....to find out more...click here

Those little things that make life just that little bit better...click here

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How it all began...click here What brings people to this wonderful place?..See for yourself with the analysed Bemuddlement Stats Pop Pickers